Donna Moline, CA UNITED STATES  
  I had an outstanding experience at the jewelry store. I brought in my to ring to be polished. Mrs. Dakessian helped us and was kind and pleasant. The result was a top notch job. In addition she gave us a box and gift wrapped it. We certainly would come back to this store and would highly recommend it others.  
  I Robinson, UNITED STATES  
  Outstanding quality and service - definitely a 5-star all around. Would not shop anywhere else.  
  Phil BevinsPhilB, NV UNITED STATES  
  Design, creativity, service, price each exceeded our expectations. Thanks for a great experience.  
  Aaron Scott, CA UNITED STATES  
  The ring they designed me was absolutely stunning. I loved everything about it, and it was so much fun working with a staff who cared so much about getting it right. I would recommend this place for anyone who wants a beautiful ring and the assurance of working with a good, experienced, and honest staff.  
  Kirk Hoffman, CA UNITED STATES  
  Great People. Great Design>  
  Andy Garrett, CA UNITED STATES  
  I was a relative novice to the ring shopping experience when someone I trusted encouraged me to check out Simone & Sons. I had ventured into several larger chain brand jewelry stores - and while I was impressed with the novelty of these respective experiences - I felt that something was missing. That something was the personal attention, care, and guidance that I found at Simone & Sons. The entire staff was incredible. They were affable, kind, honest, fair, and offered me pragmatic suggestions - that, I found personally helpful. Additionally, they did a great job of ameliorating my anxieties (which were considerable) as they coached me along through each of the process - without pressuring me to make any "quick" decisions. The final outcome of this process was a very happy bride to be. The ring that they crafted is absolutely breathtaking. My fiance gets stopped all the time - as people regularly state that her ring is so wonderfully unique and beautiful. We are more than happy to apprise anybody that asks about Simone & Sons. I am very deliberate in all the choices that I make - and I know with absolutely certainty that I ended up at the right place. Thanks Simone & Sons for offering me a memorable experience and a ring that I still cannot take my eyes off. Abby and I have cherished each of our subsequent encounters with Shant and the rest of the Simone & Sons family - and we plan on making all of our fine jewelry purchases at an establishment that I would describe as a paragon of proprietary virtue. Finally, thanks for all that contributed to our experience - you are truly vestiges of alchemy - and your production of excellence has fomented a perpetual experience of joy for my future wife and I.  
  Renee Pelkey, CA UNITED STATES  
  The quality of the jewelry purchased from Simone and Son Jewelers is exceptional! I refer friends as often as possible.  
  Renee Pelkey, CA UNITED STATES  
  The quality of the jewelry purchased from Simone and Son Jewelers is exceptional! I refer friends as often as possible.  
  Matt Riggle,  
  I worked with Shant on my fiance s engagement ring. He did an exceptional job, the ring is beautiful. He is also designing our wedding bands. The whole team at Simone and Son are great, a real top notch facility. Go by and check out the shop. You will be hooked when you see their work and get a chance to talk to any of the team. I reccommend them for any of your jewelry needs!  
  I found the staff very helpful and knowledgable. They were very patient with me and did not pressure me at all for the sell (even though it took me many months to decide on an engagement ring). I would highly reccommend anyone looking for fine jewelry at a reasonable price and great service to find their way to Simone & Son.  
  Donald T., Tustin, CA  
  Basically, the service at Simone and Son was the best service i have ever experienced at a jewelry store. The staff is very knowedgable and friendly. The jewelry selection is also good.  
  Iliana Velazquez,  
  Got a necklace designed here for my wife. Customer service was great and Shant was very responsive. He had great suggestions for the design and the necklace turned out perfect. My wife was very satisfied. I highly recommend them for your jewelry needs.  
  Phillip Johnson, Chino, CA  
  My wife loves the ring you suggested. Thanks again!  
  Shant helped my wife and I design the ring of our dreams. Thank you!