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Item: 17983

1.02ct Vintage Cushion Brilliant

Shown here is a 1.07ct Vintage Cushion Brilliant cut diamond, GIA Report 2155297447.

Also known as an old mine brilliant. The key difference between this diamond and its ancestors is that this stone has been cut with modern cutting techniques to truly bring out the beauty of the stone. Due to its vintage cutting style and its brilliant (not modified) pavilion we often refer to this type of cushion cut as an original cushion. It's quite different than the typical modern cushion today.

Shown here are three images of the diamond. Image one is the diamond under 10x magnification. Image two shows the ASET image of the diamonds light performance. Image three points out the most noticeable inclusions in the diamond.

See what our gemologist says about this diamond:

Cushion cut diamonds come in so many shapes and cutting styles. However this type of cushion is easily distinguished from its modern successors. These diamonds have much broader facets versus the narrow facets that most cushions have today. They have taller crowns and smaller tables so you get a chunkier type of brilliance and fire.

They can actually out perform many average cushion cut diamonds and the vintage cutting style looks great on many of today's designs that lend themselves to the antique look. This type of cut is actually very rare and to find one with such great light performance is a great find.
This ASET image indicates this diamond has great light return and a good balance of contrast. Keep in mind that while looking at the ASET image that red is light return, green is light leakage and blue is contrast.

The GIA report is a very important factor. Not all diamond grading labs are equal. At Simone & Son we stick to G.I.A. and A.G.S. lab reports because of their reputation for being stricter than other labs. However, you can still have two stones with the same grades and yet they could very well look different from each other.



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