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Item: 17450

0.86ct FireMark Princess Cut Diamond G Color VS2 Clarity

FireMark Diamond is a princess cut diamond designed to perform like a round ideal cut diamond. The double crown and smaller table combined with optimized pavilion angles gives you a beautiful balance of light return and fire.

This diamond is GIA Certified VS2 in Clarity and G in Color. The GIA report number is 2151091690.

Shown here are three images of the diamond. Image one is the diamond under 10x magnification. Image two shows the ASET image of the diamonds light performance. Image three points out the most noticeable inclusions in the diamond.

See what our gemologist says about this diamond:
Princess cut diamonds come in all types of proportions that really effect the performence of the diamond. FireMark diamonds are cut to outperform typical princess cut diamonds and this diamond does just that

This ASET image indicates this diamond has great light return and a good balance of contrast. Keep in mind that while looking at the ASET image that red is light return, green is light leakage and blue is contrast.

The GIA report is a very important factor. Not all diamond grading labs are equal. At Simone & Son we stick to G.I.A. and A.G.S. lab reports because of their reputation for being stricter than other labs. However, you can still have two stones with the same grades and yet they could very well look different from each other.

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